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Thursday August 25, 2016


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Name: Filmon Simon O.M
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Age: 32
Location: dmx (Dallas TX)
Country: Netherlands
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05/10/09 @836
Technical development

the expectancy for the whole mass to commit to the economy or
classification and sequence will alter

company names representative to the exact physics of do for
governmental overview (johnson and johnson or info systems)

Industrial products -> durability and Time line (life time)
cabability hold of storage and shop (rotational period)

Updating control rooms (system managment) when technology conferms highest, for intersection of
providing lower cost of men or better overview of train-system, water-system.

Subsidizing fields like Archiology and History, due to no revenue to the economy

Speciemen of a state will lead to nieborhood adjustment from open medicine till neiboorhood mechanic.
or personal investment or oriented classified perspective.

To line out the people interest of nessesary inventory list forhand
adjustment to due to growth in the economy of technology

as tech the high light , sector division according the nessessity or dependency estimated.

12/18/08 @503
Economy Company Classification and division
General Info GIVEN
Communication and Correspondence Source of Information Community and Social Movement
Company and data collection
Parental and Child Time relation affair
Hierarchy control over individu input and output to a stable succes
Justice and balance of movement Perimeter of company and employ location Body Strenght,
Physical and mental Achievement for Basic thinking Philosophy and Argumentation
CEO and Balance of New Technology
Short term training for unemployment due to petrol sanction
Emphasize on Gym and Sport Center
COMPANIES data collection
source of data inward call center general demand and time change
Employment field and upgrade replacement
BOND and consideration
A2.Impact and Tech advantage
A4.Tech Spread
A5.Style and Communication branch of monopoly share STOCK
B1.Land Price and Farm Revenue Output
Ba2.Soil Productivity Morgage
C1. New job and extra co-ordination plus credit
C2.New adaptation and adoption
C3.Private school for pupil for extra working time.
D1.Emergency room and traffic control
E1.Antique and auction out of the race E2.New Art and Economic Push E3.Governmental home and Resturant "Master-Card".

The Economy

Coming to the most important fact if a resource is nearly finished the economy must undergo a recession.

Petroleum as known to all has no long future the substitute in not yet recognized

Factories, electricity, gas and cars depend on it. Saving petroleum for the most important must be considered.

Is the world able to change its habit or do we face the consequences of the aftermath?

Here are some possibilities that can change the want.

Limiting production or over producing till needed.

Increasing public transportation.

Having one company instead of monopoly.

Counting all potential rooms of a kind.

Economy and Employment

In order for the economy to be complete the economy must provide every individual a working job. To beat the unemployment level the government must provide education or work related knowledge before hand, making it easier for the companies to employ.

This can be done at local schools after closing time.

Another issue are companies different or do companies have a variety among each other to well balance the economy and provide a loop of money rotation.

private companies are created with no mantainable overal picture of managing the growth of all sections.

if income increases with amount of products increase due to more employment, expensive products and compitition, companies will be created but no increase of food production.

If companies don\'t increase while there is a decrease of resources how can the economy grow.

Is science at the verge of its end in order to compensate the want of resources?

Or is there no progress with the form of education at present? Are our fields to diverse or maybe we lack the talent to understand all fields by one man in the name of science.

Science and the economy

The growth that set the world into a new era was invention and theories.

Invention is a matter of creativity and psychology of an idea.

In order to research any knowledge there must be a discussion. Without a discussion there is no progress.

The best way to implement that is by grouping all university lecturers as to part time discus the possible invention. And student may gather data or fieldwork.

Without reasoning together a problem will never solve its own equation.


The best way to educate man is not in a classroom. A father like mechanism must reveal. A full time private teacher understanding the psychology of the student, his means of reasoning, and also his daily routine.

And this must be done in early age, for a child has the capability of learning twelve languages in his youth.


a matter of repitition of knowlegde ,visualization of the task ahead and mastering effective hand use for specialization.

Agriculture and the economy

Agriculture is dependent on the economy, instead that the economy takes first care of agriculture. While understanding that the surplus of food is the only necessity.

This leads to a common mistake of luxuries vs. food.

If the world would tax for hunger then it would become a global issue no more.

If a tractor is set at a price of manufacture, agriculture would have a set back. Understanding that the potential of irrigation is not significant enough and the future reliability of a surplus of food is not recognized.

Land is the most expensive commodity at the moment. Because it is used for building.

Building vs Farming. Is that fare?

How to consider growth for the farmer?

More men per field, possible add of equipment, pre planting seeds in greenhouse,

plastic water pipes, drip mechanism & increasing ammonia nitrate production.

Unemployment and Hunger

Effective commerce between the poor and food giving.

The poor can provide man labour,

Spreading the poor to different locations like production plants, recycling plants & farms.

Production, Service, Transportation, Administration, Maintenance, Investigation

Main Problems of Production,

To introduce a new product the need for must be equal to the following

1. Time eclipse

2. Resource value
3. Laziness and technology
4. Poor/Fast mind and technology, a) Automatic, b) repeat control
5. Budget
6. Amount of request
7. Globalization

Amount of request,

Time exceeds and want grow for better control, the introduction of telephone and television.
Always compare with telephone and television.

Only need of production is EYE/VISUAL, EAR/AUDIO

Problem of Service,

Service is to provide some, check the following problem

1. Amount of service provider and service receiver
2. Age of product service, life time.

Main problem of Transportation

Stability on the road,

1. Truck empty on the way back, due to individual recognition and store location
2. Everything is a form of transportation, recognizing new companies at level of transport.

Administration and Maintenance

The only effective work for further development is in the criteria of City Maintenance and Administration,

The second increase in budget can be Company Construction Workshop and Farming study.

Investigation: Field Work, Undergraduate Call-Centre

Sincerly appreciate the mutual do for America and the attention of the rest of the living world.

My interest lies for america to have a movement of a horse of a different color.

It will be its own individual party to recognize, set by the element of the people with a matter
of equality and stability of even good.

Even good can be spoken about the boundary of no selft distruct.

The first movement is to understand the variable of displacement of even fun through out the

movement is hard to state while there are to many appiontments to individual fun

Motivation is necessary for body-strenght to adore survivability.

the lack of body strength will lower implication of well movement.

The recognition of what must be calculated and what must be moved from foundation location
to the chain of solid movement must be a balance.

It is certain that it will happen without an appiontment, an eye to justice is just a matter of
consulting time.

Movement is at the level of introducing new field of gathering, commitment and dicipline.

Economic Expense

movement of Solid Condition with respect to Food Progress, For Steal accountability

Subcidized Steal For Cattepilars :: equation of driver and Steal.

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